Feel Fab by Feb

Look good, Feel Great, Raise Money - No Brainer!

Frequently asked questions

How will I know what I can eat?
The C9 is an expertly put together deep cleanse and comes with full instructions and some recipe ideas as well.

Is it all gels, juices and fluids?
Over the first few days, it is mainly fluids, which consist of the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel and delicious protein shakes which contain balanced vitamins, but after that there is the introduction of calorie controlled meals.

On all nine days though, you can snack out on "free foods" that will help you with your rumbling tummy. Derm discovered his new love for Sugar Snap Peas this way.

Do I have a choice of flavoured shake?
Yes you do, it comes with a choice of either vanilla or chocolate. Be careful when you order that you chose the C9 with your preferred shake. Whilst mistakes can be rectified, it will delay your start - and we wouldn't want that, would we?

Can I do this if I am on medication or have a medical condition?
As with any program of this nature, if you have a concern about taking part if you are on medication or have an existing condition, we encourage you to speak with your Doctor or Medical Practitioner first.

What happens after the nine days?
Well along the way, we hope you will have taken advantage of the motivational techniques that Derm will have offered (he's a qualified NLP Practitioner) and these will help you stay on the straight and narrow once the nine days are over.

Beyond that, we have a number of different programs such as the NEW F15, which we are going to do ourselves in February along with anyone who cares to join us.

Can I buy from another Forever Dealer?
Sorry to say, that this is a promotion from Yvonne and Dermot, so for the charity to receive the money, it has to come from our shop.

Why the Dot Com Foundation?
A couple of reasons really - the Dot Com Children's Foundation is the official charity for Forever Living Products here in the UK and the work they do is very close to Yvonne's heart as until her retirement, she has spent the majority of her life working with disadvantaged children and families.
I've heard that the taste of the Aloe Vera Gel is not great?
Let's put it this way - we've not known anyone who has developed an actual liking for it, but you do get used to it - and we take it every day, so it's not that bad.

Do you have a "Just Giving or Virgin Page"
If you want to collect your donations online, then we recommend you using gofundme.com. Because this charity drive involves the purchase of a product, it does not fall within the criteria of the mainline platforms in this country such as Just Giving.

We will offer help on setting up your gofundme page and your friends and family can donate that way.

Can I have a sponsorship form?
Of course, once you sign up, you will be able to download the form and collect sponsors that way.

Am I guaranteed to lose weight?
Because every individual is different, we cannot guarantee that you are going to lose weight. BUT, we have personally not known anyone to do this and not lose weight.